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Did WEREWOLVES kill these people?

Posted by TruthSeeker on October 28, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Folks, I give you the Wolf House:

So last week I saw a (very small) news article about an incident that took place in my own neighborhood:

"...officials are saying that the cause of death is an animal attack, possibly wolves."

I thought this was strange because wolf attacks are incredibly rare in the United States, and fatalaties are even rarer. Also, I don't remember ever hearing about wolves living in the area? Coyotes, yes. Wolves? Not to my knowledge.

The article goes on to give a description of the victims. There were six of them.


"Victims were last seen before leaving for a camping trip. Family members say that they returned home earlier than planned, for unknown reasons. Police found black hair and bloody paw prints at the scene."

"Joseph Hiller (25), Jeffery Schwartz (26), Donna McAdams (27) John Carrier (26), Alan Smith (27) and Rebbekah Mann (25)... have all been deemed deceased after search efforts were called off Sunday morning. Only the remains of Smith and Mann have been located, both partially devoured."

Yes, you read that correctly. They found two of the bodies, Alan Smith and Rebbekah Mann, and both of them had been ripped to shreds. Doesn't that seem sort of strange to you?

Doesn't it also seem strange that there was minimal coverage of this incident? It was not on any major network news stations. Just a couple of articles in the local rag. Why wasn't this reported on? Why was the investigation called off after just one week?

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